What Is Rebellious Elves?

Rebellious Elves holds Hackthons for those who love to build and solve real social problems

  • Attendees

    Engineers, designers, product people and domain experts apply to attend one of our hackathons. We select the best and most motivated individuals who care about the topic, and who want to learn new skills, build awesome open projects and enjoy time with all our community!

  • Topic

    We set awesome people a tech for good topic. Charities, NGO's and social businesses don't always have the time or resources to explore deep tech solutions to there problems. We bridge this gap, source the topics, projects and partners that have the biggest social impact.

  • Place

    We hold events in awesome spaces around the world, and we make sure the entire event is an amazing experience: fun, meaningful and cool!

  • Tech

    Our team is made up of engineers, CTO and CEO of tech social start-ups. We look at cutting edge research and bring forward those interesting topics engineers want to learn. We leverage the tech to address the most pressing social issues and create an event where people can learn. We have had talks on NLP, Neural Networks and more from leading experts.

  • Healthy

    Our hackathons are healthy. Energy needs to be high, and we care about the health of everybody. People need to be fed and minds need to be sharp. We make sure we serve delicious food and drink from local restaurants catered to each attendees dietary needs. We don't sleep at the venue and we sometimes treat people to some yoga!

  • Fun

    At the end of the hackathon, the teams present there demos to a room of family, friends and influencers. We put on some music from a band or DJ and unwind with some drinks and relaxation!


We are always looking for people to help at the events, attend, advise us and let us bounce ideas off! Sign up to stay up to date and let us know why you're interested!